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Meet the Team

At Nazar, we are more than just colleagues - we invest in our team, honoring each individual's unique talents while building meaningful relationships. 

Nathan Whitton


With a background in Music Performance, Nathan can't resist a piano. His passion and drive propel the team to execute at the highest level while keeping a smile on their faces with his charm and wit.

Marciel Greene


Partner, Mother of Two, and Co-Founder of Nazar- Marciel loves being busy. She is passionate about maintaining a positive environment for the team while also feeding the creative and technical beast that loves building live events.

Shawn DiCapo

Executive Assistant to the Co-Founders

With a background in fashion & business mgmt, Shawn is fueled by keeping the Co-Founders on-point and ensuring that the team is supported to perform at their highest level. She is inspired by philosophy, entrepreneurial atmospheres, personal development, all forms of art, and believes that humor is the key to navigating through “this thing called life”.

Betsy New

Director of Human Resources

Betsy is a mother, avid reader, and Nazar’s HR Director. She has worked in the artistic and creative realm for most of her life and is enjoying the opportunity to build a welcoming and empathetic department that supports all of our employees.

Kaila Hill

Operations Manager

With a theatre background and a love of events, Kaila acts as our team’s show caller and new hire onboarding guide. Having been with Nazar since Day One™️, she works closely with all teams to maintain our ethos and sense of whimsy.

We are Nazar,

Let's make some magic. 

Interested in joining our team?

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